Cutaneous Melanoma in Iowa

Using data from the State Health Registry of Iowa’s cancer registry we examined and mapped rates of cutaneous melanoma (CM) in the state by age, sex and SEER Summary Stage.

CM Rates in Iowa by Age, Sex, and SEER Summary Stage

CM Rates in Iowa by Age, Sex, and SEER Summary Stage

We looked for hot spots and clusters using a number of spatial statistics including Moran’s I, Getis-Ord Gi*, and Kuldorff’s Scan Statistic (SaTScan).

We then looked at environmental correlates, including access to dermatologists and tanning salons to generate hypotheses about possible environmental risk factors in the state. We also developed a Simulated Cluster Monte Carlo (SCMC) technique to test the statistical significance of the calculated environmental variables. We found that certain variables were significant in some clusters but not others, indicating the risk environment varies across the state.

Young, S.G., Carrel, M., Young, R., & Lynch, C. (2014). Cutaneous melanoma in Iowa exhibits spatial clustering by stage and sex. Poster presentation. 15th Annual Student Interdisciplinary Health Research Poster Session. Iowa City, Iowa